Wednesday 23 July 2008

paperclips, so versatile

What a slacker i've become. Lots of non sculpty stuff to do recently which has kept me far away from my toys. For example it was my birthday last Sunday and i got Crissis Core for my psp. So as you can imageine since then i havent done much else. Also i did a lot of of stuff ingame to prepate for my omaga and ultima fight with my CoP static and there was a BBQ and visiting my parents and Ive had to up my overtime at work to try and catch up and stick to the final deadline (did 5 hours overtime yesterday O.o). I leave you with a few picks i took just befor my life got filled up with other things. Hopefully will take the time to do a little more on CC soon but we have another birthday BBQ this weekend >.> . Sorry it isn't much.

Saturday 12 July 2008


So first off i covered the pins in her back to start forming the horns. this was a big no no. since the pins were un textured and practically straight the putty kept spinning arund the pins. and they would still do that even when dry so i changed my tactic and needed a thin wire of putty and wraped it around the pins so the later layers had something to grip too.
Second problem was that i did totally the wrong mix and of the wrong putty too. Should have used brown stuff from the get go as it drys harder. green stuff drys flexable which made me die inside.

I have added some detail under the shell but you can see that so thats as much as im going to mention about it. since the horns were takeing an age to dry (not that long but i was feeling impatient) i decided to wrap the legs in some beading wire (which is awsome as its realy maluable). sat for a couple mins getting no wear fast as the wire kept spinning around. so i glued the end of each of the legs and then went to get a video.

When i got back the glue was dry and i wraped the legs nice and tite. then gave them a wipe with some Superglue.

Once that was dry i sniped off the extra wire and saw CC off her copper wire/cork stand.

i discovered that one of her back legs was way too long even tho i measured them all when i put them on >.> i liked that she didn't stand with all claws on the ground as it gives her more of a pose. too bad that all of her weight is in her face at the moment so she leans on her front legs instead of her back. I'm sure this will change once the horns are done and her baskets and on. If not them I'll just have to attach her to a base.

Made up a little brown stuff to coat her horns but way, way too much. So stuck what was left on her legs to start bulking them out. Hope i didn't ramble on too much there, peace out.

Tuesday 8 July 2008

Bug eye'd

Sculpted CC's eye lumps on the other day, which turned out ok. Still having a lotta problems with keeping things symmetrical. i can see Despot being an absolute ass.

The day after i pined her eye stems. in hind sight i should have bent them to shape before gluing as it was difficult to get them curved without being able to grip both ends. could have done some serious damage to her face.

Touched up her face a bit, which i think made quite the difference and finished her eyes. fiddly to say the least and as you can see as usual she ain't symmetrical (right eye is much larger) so now that they are dry I'm going to see if i can add just a little to the left to even them out.

I've added the pins to support the horns and pouches on her back but I'm wondering if i should solder ona downward piece on each to support the necks of the pouches now or if i should just drill the horns later? no idea , im a little worried about heating up the paperclips and scorching the supersculpie.

Compared the pik to the sculpt today in good light and there are some mistakes i don't think I'm even going to attempt to fix. For example her face plate is far too long which means that I'm going to have to bodge where her arms go. I knew she wasn't going to mirror the piks in the first place as nothing i create tends to come out like i expected. I kinda like that about my work so long as i like the end result ^^. Should have another post soon as I've already uploaded the images in draft. Took the pik of the bikes as promised but put it in the wrong folder and thus forgot to upload it Xo oh will, I'm sure you will see them soon.

Wednesday 2 July 2008

A whole bunch of gangers

A whole bunch of gangers. Just striping off everything i dont want. Sorry its been so long since my last entry. Ran outta batteries and forgot to pick up new ones

think im gunna lop off the chainsword and give her some fancy blade of some description. getting the meterial out from between her legs is proveing to be a pain but i figure if i take out too much i can always sculpt it back in. Want to get everything off befor i start adding.

Not decided what weapons she shall have yet. Im still working on removeing her armour. think i might give her a pain of knee high converse and some samurai style shourt troucers.

i envision her with a huge hammer over her shoulders. can you see it too. She shall be a juve.

Only done a lil on Low, the twige bits in her dreads, filed up a paperclip and will add detail with epoxy. pritty chuffed that they have stayed on so well.

Have some pics of the 10mm bikes im working on but arrangeing just thouse images was pain enough for one night. I know i know i should get back to my scratch sculpts and i plan too very soon, just got soooo much on me plate at the mo. i only have short periods of free time and i dont wanna waste loads of epoxy due to running outta time and i dont wanna rush neither. hacking bits off takes no kneeding time. Anyway, starting to ramble. peace out. hope to post the bikes tomo.