Sunday 12 April 2009

Baruk gif

Made a gif so you can see him/her from all all angles ;) (double click to see full image)

As good as it gets

Done finished fineeto.

I really need to work on my patches, the thread's don't look right to me. I have never been shown an effective technique for it so I just roll out a blob and hope it sticks before i mash it up to hard and have to start again.

Maybe in a month or two I'll get around to painting him ^^

Still twilight

Almost done with this guy now. Medallions are on. I noticed that the neck didn't quite look right so i built that up a bit. Added a buckle on one of the belts and baffled myself trying to figure out which side to have the excess belt on.

once these bits are dry I'll add the links to the medallions, thread to the patch and maybe some random stitches. That should be him complete

Dim illumination.

did a lil more to the sacks and added a strap.

Saturday 11 April 2009

Between sunset and dark

added more pouches and started changing the strapped blobby bits. waiting till they set so that i wont distort them when i add the straps. Thinking about adding another rolled blanket some place but haven't decided yet. once I've done these bulky parts I'll get into the little details like the medallions and rivets on the straps

Manhunter Painted

Ok, so i'm no pro but i thought i did ok concidering i havent painted anything in a couple years and i had a very limited pallet (new paints arrived today ^^). Will soonly break out my new paints and give her a touch up ^^

Thursday 9 April 2009

Twilight cont.

glued the tail (forgot to say in my last entry that i bent it into a new shape, but its barly notacable). Pinned and filled out the neck by wrapping it.

Fleshed out the neck put a little texture into it with some creases.

Started adding new pouches and patches.

Tuesday 7 April 2009


Rocks, Love all the mini's. Mike has done a great job on them. I thought it would be a nice quick project to create an alternate stance for his baruk ^^. no more need for words, I'll just post the images as i move along ^^.

just a lil explanation. carved off the bottom jaw to sculpt an open mouth. cut down the head and neck to change the angle of the head. Ground down bags, sacks and straps to i could add a little more diversity.

Monday 6 April 2009


My comp died and i had to install operating system (which i already had ready and waiting) and then was with out all my photo editing software (disc's lost in 3/4 moves in recent years). Anyway, i got GIMP now so all is good ^^

I was pritty chuffed with it hope you like