Wednesday 25 June 2008


If you check back a few entry's you'll find the post with my gif in it. After 3/4 days of it processing I gave up. The help page said it should only take a couple Min's . Something must have gone awry.

Here are a couple shots of Loweko of the LowRiders. I touched up where I took off her old head and chains, drilled a new pinning hole (the old one was way off) and added this new head. I think it was off the Ganger with the grenade in one hand but whatever it was I had drilled it out years ago for something else. anyway, nice face. I plan to give her a full head of short dreads and some twigs tied in all tribal like.

Oh I added some bullet holes to the chainsword which turned out quite nice. The pin in the back of the head is to help attach the hair later. I have no idea where I'm going to add her stub gun but she'll have one.

Here is my first attempt at making a mould. I learned a lotta lessons with this:
bottle caps do not make great mold holders
Bases melt in the over... hard
plastic mini's also don't like the oven
I need to cook my SuperSculpie lower than 130 so it doesn't crack

I haven't tried using the mould yet but I will with both epoxy and resin, if i can. i need to find some tiny metal trays to hold it in. I was thinking about the ones those cheap ass candles come it but there still a little big. Maybe i can cut them down *ponders* anyway that's all for this post, my gaming days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday so i don't often get much sculpting dune then. soon tho.

Sunday 22 June 2008

acting my mental age

Been A busy weekend, so no more scratch sculpting. I did do a little more on my new Gang Leader (loweko) of the notorious "Low Riders". Clever name eh? thought of it all by myself. As you can see she is going to be a chainsword wielding badass!

She started as a Sister repentia (she pretty much still is ^^) and now i've taken some of the hilt off the chainsword. Loped off that crappy hooded head (im thinking i might give her a balaclava like those old skool cowboy bandits and hair like the awesome ranger looking woodelves. I've grinded down the sack on her front foot and will replace it with armor like on the back foot. i also filed off the inquisitor symbol on her leg. Took the chains off oher back that were attached to that horrid hood.

As promissed a pic of the dried mask. You cant see from here but the poll set at an angle which i was more than a litttle peeved with but no one else seemed to care. It also wasnt dryed in time which is part of how it got set at a funny angle. Its gunna be broken down into mask, poll and mount, left to dry and then put back together more securly. A note to all those that mean to use air drying clay. The night before you need it, is too late to start sculpting!

And here is me as "kid from the fair".

And here is me as "kid from the fair who was told to stand still coz his last pik came out blury". I know which one I prefer

Saturday 21 June 2008


Firstly the elbow pad. Sis started just wanting me to make up an armature for it but the quickly turned into finishing it too. it was a lot harder than i thought it was going to be. fimo is an ass to work with. Gave me a whole new respect to the girls that make thouse lil cake jewlery pieces.

This guy started as a card mask and a huge lump of air drying clay. My first dilema was the clay not sticking to the mask. I solves it by coating the mask in PVA glue and sticking a thin layer of clay over it. Might as well have had no feachers.

The design is based off that wacky guy in that old stop animation with the kids and an airship? I have no idea what its called and that is the worst description of it ever but there you go.

Here is the finished result. Well, wet finished result. Its still under a lamp drying beside me. Starting to worry that it wont be dry in time. wanted to keep the lamp on it over night but the wife was paranoid that it would get too hot and spontaniously combust *shrugs* anyway. hopefully it will dry soon and maybe i'll take some more shots.

Friday 20 June 2008

Spinny Spinny


Ok, still dont know if this is going to work, but it might. Its a gif of the mystery mini spinning. It might not look like it but I've added a 1.5" cube's worth of ProCreate. I dont think I emphasized enough just how much epoxy these minis are going to take. If I was using packets of GW Greenstuff... I'd say it would take around 10-15 more packets to finish... maybe more. I guess I'll find out XD that would be one expensive mini :P no wonder ppl use supersculpy. I bet its barrels cheaper on mass.

Havent done much more on these guys as I've been working or the armor parts to my sisters tifa costume and i've made my friend a Masquerade Mask for a costume party saturday. I'll upload picks for of me making then in my next entry. Dont wanna do anything too risky incase it kills this gif.

Thursday 19 June 2008

Almost Spinny

Todays post had been postponed untill i can figure out why the hell it wont upload my giff :(

Tuesday 17 June 2008

Mr Tree and mystery

zomg, missed a whole day. shame on me. did a little more on the old Treant. i think it came out real well ^^ totally loveing how the branches came out. wont be able to do any more on him for a while tho as im thinking to get the thinner brances at the top i should solder some single thicknesses of wire. onlyproblem being that i lost my soldering iron a long long time a go so need to get a new one. but my car is in the garage after some (a lot) of hissy fits.

Mystery mini!

He's also ging to be a slow one. he's going to take a lotta procreate to finish so im just useing any i make up extra to blob on him so i dont waste any. its not expensive but i aint made o money. Keeping him in a decent pose is caseing me serious headache. and he has one long calf, one long shin (not on the same leg >.>) and one long arm. so that's gunna be fun to fix. He's totally built tho so i have jut gotta thicken him up on the right side's and that's half the battle won

my last blob gave him a sweet ass. you know you love it

Saturday 14 June 2008

All the CC you can handle

Havent seen her in a long time eh?
And now she has a shell. I'm trying to work throu her logically so i started with the back shell first. This procreate is awsome for large pieces but im struggleing with adding little pieces as you'll see later.

couple shots of the shell from the back. which is nice as thats the main bit i was sculpting XD turned out well i thought. Least this side did >.>

Oh noes! This sides didn't match :O so i chopped it down a bit as i had the edges of the shell raised.

I think the re sculpt of this side turned our pretty good ^^ A lot more even at least.

And Then on to the front shell. i have a horrible feeling I'm going to have to do a lot of adjusting as i go with CC. Every time i adjust one bit and add a lil detail, it throws out something else. Luckily its only been unfinished bits so far ^^ Hope that this is the way it usually works XD

The front piece looked too short so i extended it down. I also remade the front claws and haven't re attached them yet as i think there position is going to have to be scooched down. i had real trouble getting this little edge i added to stick to the rest O.o i wonder if i need to change my mix? or maybe just use greenstuff
. I've never had any figure sculpting lessons so this is all guess work and what i have assumed from looking as pictures of other sculpts. I don't learn so good from books. My ability to learn is all visual which is probably why i do a lot of crafts and arty things. Anyway, i think CC is really coming along now ^^ you, or at least i can defiantly see who it is.

Friday 13 June 2008

baby steps

More Despot

even more Despot! In an effort to save putty once i get to that stage I'm trying to build out this armature. tricky business trying to predict where everything will end up.

Built out the treants body some more and stuffed him with some paper to see if it helps keep shape.this should be an easy build as there is so much room to breath .A tree is a tree. Any extra knots and you wont even know.

Finlay got my ProCreate! its so smooth to use. only problem is i can't seem to get lil pieces to stick together. guess i just need to add some green stuff. stretched a thin layer around my mystery mini so i can start building him up. since he is so big i plan to only build him up with left over pieces from other sculpt sessions instead of making do with too little or wasting extra. i can make too much and use whats left on him ^^ genius eh?

Thursday 12 June 2008

Nothing fancy

Another day, another couple armatures. Still no new epoxy to play with so my options are limated. First is the legs of a treant. Was such, such a pain to get these together. took me a good hour just to get them to line up right and then the Greenstuff didnt hold so i added another layer to help with that and i wraped the legs with a thinner wire to give the epoxy something to grip. left the long pieces out the top so i can weave them together to start to form the body.

Secondly Despot!

I'm going to have a hard time keeping everything about him symetrical but thats half the fun ^^. The wife says he looks like american football goal posts >.> i wasn't amused :P "HE's swinging his arms back" i said.

These guys are getting big (totally ran outta Corks) O.o I'm trying to keep them all to the same scale so its CC's fault really.

On a side note. remember the mystery sculpt from last post. well i was trolling CMON and came across some of scibor's works. totally awesome. Checked out his site (totally swish) and found This Tutorial O.O Wicked! I'm totally going to use this technique to create the shields for that Piece (another clue) XD totally building it up for no reason XD its gunna be nothing special :P

Sadly that's it for today, for it is a gaming day! Bai bai

Bold as Brass

Waiting on some new tool's (gotta love an excuse for more tools ^^) and some ProCreate, so i made another armature. Can you guess what it is yet?

Left CC in there for scale tho i never gave you a scale for her XD i would say they're about Inquisitor scale (54mm i think). i think i did an ok job building him (yay a clue) up. Probibly not as good as i should have tho as i used to do wire wraped sculptures all the time. (i'll take some pic's and stick um on my Deviantart page . Its just realy hard to capture a wire sculpture on film. maybe i should make a lil gif? we'll see.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

A second ball

I'll start with another ball on a piece of wire! only this time its a snoll. least it will be.

Anyway enough of that because lets face it... its pretty dull.

Huzzar! CC bulked up. you'll notice she also lost the front two prongs. while building up the torso i managed to mess up the alignment sooo much that there was no saving them. I'm sorry.

I have a funny feeling that I'm going to have trouble with the legs later too. I'm finding it difficult to adjust my armatures to take into account the thickness of appendages. If you've sculpted you might know what I'm trying to explain.

Tuesday 10 June 2008

What a jip

Just started taking sculpture seriously and so figured it would be kinda cool to document my progress both in projects and skill. It might get a lil confusing to follow as I'll have several pieces on the go at once so i don't fall victim to curring times and the like. gotta keep sculpting while the oll inspiration is pumping.

So without further delay i present Corrier Carrie (here on out referred to as CC).

Fancy eh? Well they gotta start somewhere. some brass wire i striped outta some thick cable. balled and thread back through itself and then stuck in a cork (so hard to come by these days) covered in a layer of epoxy and stabbed repeatedly to give me a nice bit of texture to sculpt onto.

Anyway that one is a bit of a jip so here's my next stage early (gotta keep you interested no?).

LEGS! and sticky outtie bits for baskets. at least she is starting to look crabbie right?

just drilled into "the ball" with my pin vice and Super glued in some paperclips bent into legs. then some lil pieces in the top. lovely.

Hope that sates you for. maintenance is over and thus, so am i. peace out