Sunday 8 March 2009


GS'ed straight over the wire, you can see how close to the surface it is. the tip is fatter than i'd like but i felt it was nessasary so the end didn't wiggle. I'm still yet to sculpt the hair on her head but wanted to see how durable a layer of glue over the sand and grit would make it. Also am seeing if i can create convinceing rock with cork and GS. If it dosent work out its no real loss as there will be a layer of snow.

Proof that i've started painting. Just a bit of baseing and some undercoats on my favorit widowmaker. I need a wider pallet of colours O.o i have two P3 sets and they are all greys, greens and browns >.> what a pain.

Thursday 5 March 2009

Backwards or forwards

Took the "Shafts" off the grenades for the obvious reason that they made them look like giant rubber cocks >.> So now they look like Loony Toons bombs. I'm still working on more realistic bombs (old war bomber types and pipe) which i might still remove these for if they turn out much better.

I ordered this girl last November. NOVEMBER! yes, long story but she finally arrived yesterday. I Sliced her hat right off and I'm giving her a giant ponytail which will hopefully look like its whipping about with her movements.