Sunday 25 January 2009

Long time no see ^-^

Back again ^^ Yeah, "the game" sucked me in again. But its ok... its ok. i gave all my gear away to friends signed out for the last time, closed my account and uninstalled it. That shoud keep me off ^^ and yay! now i have time again for other things! Have recently started blacksmithing! which, is, awsome! Check it out!
These have taken me one week (two visits) @ the forge to get too this stage. thats about 8 hours work on this piece (I usualy work on a couple of things in a trip). The farrier whiped up one in about 15 minutes >.> I'll get there eventually I'm sure. Oh, these will be the head of a set of tongs btw.

Nice eh? Very natural shape ^^ Totally deliberate. Farrier showed me how to make a leaf today. This was my first attempt and it only took me about 20 minutes ^^ I tend to over work my pieces, faffing about with them. Apparently I'm indecisive and this lets the Iron cool before i even strike it.

Check this out! something that actually looks like a reel tool. Farrier and i made them together today. I was well chuffed. I mean yeah, he did about 80% of it but i learnt shed loads. Maybe even enough to finish my own set that you see at the top of this post. I cant wait. and now i get to continue with my first set with a tool that i helped to make. That's gotta be the coolest thing about Blacksmithing. you get to make things with tools you have made yourself ^^ I would love, love to make this a career.

So now that I'm off the game i will back too my sculpting. Hopefully your looking forward to it. Peace out.